13 Daily Affirmations

marigolds, peaceRecently I read a great book by one of my spiritual teachers, John Randolph Price. His book, “Removing the Masks That Bind Us,” explores the different types of facades we create to face the world. One of those masks is that of The Abandoned. The person wearing this mask feels deserted, alone, and assaulted by the forces of the world and blames others for not helping in their hour of need.

According to Price, the only way to remove this mask is through forgiveness of oneself. Once that has been cleared, don’t look at the external world for love, joy, and peace. Instead, focus on the spirit within and “abandon” yourself to the love, strength and abundance of The Universe.

I find it helpful sometimes to focus on a daily affirmation, something I can think back to and remember when the chaos of the day gets out of control. Here are 13 from the book that help keep the mask of The Abandoned at bay:

  1. I accept my responsibilities in life.
  2. I have the ability to come up with new ideas and make them work.
  3. I grasp new concepts quickly.
  4. I am creative.
  5. I have great energy and vitality.
  6. I am willing to face change creatively.
  7. I look to the future with joyful expectation.
  8. I am optimistic about life.
  9. I love harmony and beauty.
  10. I am compassionate and understanding.
  11. I can laugh at myself.
  12. I have intuitive wisdom.
  13. I live happily and productively.

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