An Ah-Ha Moment

ocean, reflection, self-helpOne of the most exciting things about working with my clients is when they suddenly realize something that’s been staring them in the face for months. I call these, “Ah-Ha Moments.”

We may be discussing why a current relationship isn’t working or some issue with a family member and I may have had them journal or diagram the problem. Usually, we have been discussing reasons why they think it’s not working during our sessions together. We might repeat this process for months and then all of a sudden my client hears a song on the radio and suddenly it all falls into place, “Ah-Ha! Now I get it. This is what Susan has been trying to get me to see.” (Or more than likely, they come to their next session eager to share their most recent breakthrough, not realizing that this what I’ve been trying to get them to see, only for me to internally slap my forehead and say, “Finally! They got it!” “Yay Client!”)

My point being, that just because you don’t feel as though you’re moving forward, breaking down walls, or achieving the outcome you wanted from counseling, therapy, readings or working with a life coach, doesn’t mean that your subconscious has stopped working on your issue.

These wonderful breakthroughs can happen at any moment and they are proof that you are continuing to heal yourself, to improve yourself, and move forward. So don’t beat yourself up just because you don’t think you’re getting it.

Your moment of truth will come when you are truly ready for it!

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