Bad Vibes Create a Bad Body

Napa GargoyleBelieve it or not, it takes a lot of energy to be (and stay) angry, frustrated, or resentful.  And unfortunately for the holder of those emotions, it also creates a snowball effect, getting bigger along the way.

The more you hold on to anger and frustration, the more it creates resentment and the more it begins to consume you. Suddenly, nothing is going your way. No one is right. And you begin to experience conflict everywhere you turn. This leads to a constant state of unhappiness which just continues to feed itself.

If you think about the Universal Law of Attraction, wouldn’t it make sense that what you put out is what you get back? Therefore, if you’re feeling nothing but anger and frustration, and expressing nothing but anger and frustration, what do you think will come back to you?

This is not our natural state and to stay in this space, we really have to work at it, constantly feeding  it, justifying it and embracing it. We end up using the energy we typically use to stay healthy – emotionally and physically – to feed these emotions. We begin to notice only the bad in people, the ugly things that surround us, and wrong in every situation. And because it is not our natural state, it begins to wear on our state of being and ultimately, our body, by creating dis-ease.

Usually, the physical manifestation of illness or disease is the final result of holding things in for too long. The emotions and negative thoughts are literally, “bursting out” and finally reveal themselves physically.

Letting go of this anger, deciding it isn’t worth it, and realizing that nothing should have that much power over you is the first step towards healing yourself.

In the long run, it is the best thing you can do for you.

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