Ego is Not Your Friend

Your Ego is not Your Amigo“Ego is an image of yourself that gives you a sense of identity.”  – Eckhart Tolle

From the time you are born you start programing your Ego.

This comes from what you tell yourself about your emotional experiences or what others have told you throughout your life: parents, teachers, other relatives, friends, society – sometimes even complete strangers. These are things that have been said to or about you that you now accept as complete truth and then you live it.

If someone said you weren’t a very good student and you accepted that as truth, you become a bad student. If someone said you weren’t pretty, then you think you are not. The list goes on. You can’t sing, you’re too fat, you aren’t smart.

Ego takes over and reminds you of everything everyone has ever said to or about you. You accept this nonsense and get irritated or upset. This sets your mood and you go around beating yourself up mentally and emotionally.

This is how Ego stays in control and you get lost.

Or, you can get in control of Ego by taking a deep breath and listening to what you are saying, I mean really listen. Become aware of what kind of thoughts you are thinking, especially negative thoughts: irritation, anger, impatience and perhaps even some kind of sadness. Have these thoughts become a habit? Do you complain about yourself, how useless you are. If you start to hear these repetitive thoughts, then you will suddenly realize, “I’ve been thinking these same thoughts again and again almost every day without really knowing it.”

Becoming aware of these thoughts is your first step to change and minimizing the damage Ego can cause. When you recognize the voice in your head you are on your way to being more fully aware and more in control of  how you wish to live your life.

And the Ego begins to hold less power over you.

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