It Has to Start With You

Build-a-stone-path-smWe are what we think and speak. If we want to have a happy life then it is up to us to examine our lives and see where we are not happy and why.

Until you have learned to concentrate, you cannot change. You have to be in the present moment. That’s the only time you can truly be the observer and make better choices, decisions and change patterns that you unconsciously do, keeping you stuck.

Our natural state of being is to be happy, but we constantly sabotage ourselves by continually concentrating on illusion – what we think is happening and what we think we are doing. Because we are accepting illusion as reality we project our thoughts, fears, lack and disconnect as our reality, creating disappointment and lack.

We speak words of love, connection and wholeness of being. But when it comes down to living those beliefs, very few of actually follow that course.

We recognize what is good, what will make us happy, loving and compassionate, but we can’t hold the thought long enough to create it in our own reality. We speak or think the words of love and compassion, but we don’t act on those thoughts. We approve of it, then our next thought is, “Wouldn’t it be nice if the world was really like this?” never taking it into our own self, our own belief and practicing it. We always think the other person should change.

It’s one thing to think it; it’s quite another to live the change by making the effort to change. Many continue to stay in the same pattern of behavior and belief, but it has to start with you.