The Universe Has a Gift for You

relaxing, meditationThose little things that you alone see aren’t by chance.  The sign, the squirrel, the dragonfly; the whisper, the song, the lily.  It’s me. I’m always with you. I’ll do anything to reach you — to give you hope, keep you on track, answer your questions.

Look even closer,
The Universe

I received this lovely message by email the other day and I wanted to share it with you because it rings so true and so eloquently states what I have been trying to say for the past few months – take the time to stop, notice your surroundings and just absorb the beauty around you.

I realize that not everyone has a trickling creek and green trees in their front yard, (as I do,) but even if you’re sitting in an office, look out the window at the color of the sky. Is it a beautiful, bright blue? Are clouds building in wonderful patterns that look like dogs, flowers, or dragons? This is a gift from the Universe.  Rather than focusing on the fact that you’re stuck inside, take a moment to appreciate the gift.

My daughter took a trip to New England last Fall and she shared a story with me about finding beauty in the most unlikeliest of places – on the side of a highway during rush hour traffic. She was racing to get to Western Massachusetts after spending too much time at Walden Pond and was driving like the crazy driver that she is through the countryside. Frustrated with Friday night traffic and stressing about not making it to her bed and breakfast before dark, she realized that as much as she tried, she was not going to magically make traffic move any faster.

Rather than continue to be angry, she rolled down the window for a breath of fresh air. What she heard was a symphony of crickets. It struck her as odd that she could actually hear crickets on the side of the road instead of traffic whizzing by, horns honking and the other unnatural noises she was used to on the California freeways. The sun reflected off the long grass in the distance and as she rolled along, the sound of crickets followed her – literally thousands of them. She said that even now, when she begins to get angry or frustrated in the car, all she has to do is take a deep breath and remember how she felt on that crowded Massachusetts highway one late fall afternoon.

What gifts have you received from the Universe?

Just Breathe


When was the last time you got lost in the beauty of a sunset or an amazing sight in nature? Can you just sit there and breathe in the beauty and the peace? The sense of stillness and relaxation? Or do you pick up your phone, take a picture, pass it on to your Facebook friends and move on to the next thing?

Try sitting there and just being in the moment. Take a deep breath and do your best to clear your mind, focusing only on the sunset, flower or whatever has caught your eye. (I bet you can’t last more than a few minutes before you start to feel uncomfortable.)

But however long it takes before your mind starts telling you to get up and move on – you have things to do – try going beyond that feeling. Take a few breaths to see if you can go totally into the moment to relax and just be silent. Ask your mind to be quiet.

Give yourself this moment in time. Relax, enjoy. This is your gift to you.