The Puzzle

puzzle piecesWhen most people begin on their path to self exploration, their inner quest, or whatever you want to call it, they seek the magic, or the rituals, or maybe even the secret to self-fulfillment. They begin subscribing, searching, reading, and discussing their journey with others. They may obsess about the “right” way to go about their personal exploration. Looking for a “quick fix”, they embrace each new idea with voracity, a determination that, “this will give me the answer.”

But once that journey continues, they start to figure out that it’s not just about the books, or cards, or pilgrimages, or classes, or teachings. Those are just pieces to a giant puzzle. Tiny pieces that represent the whole spiritual puzzle we are working to solve.

Because here’s the deal folks: there is no right or wrong way to grow. There is no one answer to the Universe. Ultimately, we are just a one-of-a-kind million piece puzzle and our life’s purpose is to figure out which pieces fit into our puzzle. If we are all unique beings, wouldn’t it stand to reason that no two puzzles are alike? And therefore, no two puzzles will have exactly the same pieces?

The farther along  you get in your spiritual growth, the more you begin to understand  that everything you ever needed was right there inside of you and all you had to do is listen. The yoga, the mediation, the spiritual retreats, the cleansing diets, the seminars – those were just clues to help you solve your puzzle, to awaken an inner knowing that you have always had.

Trust yourself and take baby steps. Good Luck!

(By the way, there are no secrets, just pieces of the puzzle that have yet to connect.)

Do You Walk Your Talk?


Each morning I get up, feed the cat and dog, drink a few cups of coffee, check my email and Facebook, then set my intention for the day. Sometimes, while looking at my friends’ posts on Facebook, I find a saying I like and sometimes I click the Like button.

Which got me thinking. How many also click “like” on the kindness and understanding posts? How many people read them, like them and move on, not giving it a second thought? Facebook is full of positive messages of love, hope, trust, and compassion but how many people really pay attention to them?

When you choose to like a post on Facebook, do you take a moment to really take it in? Do you take a deep breath and tell yourself you are going to practice that idea all day?

Can you even do it for an hour?

Or do you put it out of your mind, get into your car, pull out of the driveway and start yelling and flipping people off?  Maybe you scream at the server in Starbucks because you had to wait more than a few minutes for your coffee.  Are you cross with a co-worker for no reason other than you are irritated that day?

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how your day went if you remembered the post and followed through with practicing that thought for a day?

Try it you might like it!

The Little Voice Inside Your Head

Morning Pond

We’ve all heard it. The little voice inside our head that screams, “be careful, don’t do that,” or “why bother, you’re just going to fail.”

Meet your Inner Critic.

This little voice is responsible for all of the pain, self-doubt and lack of confidence you have ever experienced in your life. It’s the voice that convinces you that you’re not good enough, or pushes you to ask for advice before making a decision – even a decision as seemingly small as “what’s for dinner?”

This is the voice that holds you back.

Your challenge is to pay no attention to that voice. So what if you make a mistake? Mistakes are a part of life, a part of the ever-constant growth process. And some of the best experiences are had when you tell that voice to take a hike and you follow your heart instead.

You are a great explorer by nature so go out there and find your life!

Just Breathe


When was the last time you got lost in the beauty of a sunset or an amazing sight in nature? Can you just sit there and breathe in the beauty and the peace? The sense of stillness and relaxation? Or do you pick up your phone, take a picture, pass it on to your Facebook friends and move on to the next thing?

Try sitting there and just being in the moment. Take a deep breath and do your best to clear your mind, focusing only on the sunset, flower or whatever has caught your eye. (I bet you can’t last more than a few minutes before you start to feel uncomfortable.)

But however long it takes before your mind starts telling you to get up and move on – you have things to do – try going beyond that feeling. Take a few breaths to see if you can go totally into the moment to relax and just be silent. Ask your mind to be quiet.

Give yourself this moment in time. Relax, enjoy. This is your gift to you.