Going to see Susan is a life changing event that has the ability to redefine the path your heading down. I went to see Susan for a psychic reading, upon arriving I quickly realized I was in for a lot more. During my session with Susan I received resolve and healing with a few areas I was stuck in. She gave me tools to continue to grow and expand my consciousness. Many people claim to have the abilities Susan has but very few can make good on their claims. Susan’s work is not for entertainment is for deep healing and spiritual growth – Ned Burwell

Susan, without you I don’t believe I would be here now. You helped me with my life traumas. Only have to think of you and I feel a sense of peace. Love always – Sue Phillips

When I first met Susan, I was immediately struck by how warm and genuine she was. There was something very special about her. I was very drawn to Susan’s obvious intuitive abilities, which were spot on accurate about what I was going through at the time. Through that first personal meeting nsd subsequent counseling by phone, she continues to show me a way where there seemed there was none. Susan definitely lives her life purpose of serving others! Now, with her help to redefine my future, I highly recommend Susan to my closest family and friends every chance I get. Thank you Susan – Lisa Burwell

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